Weekly Wrap 03

It was first week of trying to follow the 80/20 Level 1 Half Marathon Plan. Being that I am basically incapable of following any plan, I did about as well as expected. But I did more running than I’ve done in a while and am feeling really good about it, so that counts as a

Weekly Wrap 02

Happy Monday, another week has come and gone already.  It was a busy, exhausting week over here. On Tuesday, Crossfit kicked my hamstrings!  We did front squats, followed by weighted lunges, followed by a run … oof! I woke up sore on Wednesday.  The kind of sore where even laying in bed doesn’t feel so

Weekly WrapUp 01

I’m excited to participate in my first (for this blog anyways) Weekly Wrap.  I actually wrote things down as they happened this week, so let’s jump right in. Monday: Rest day!  I know lots of people #nevermissamonday, but I actually like starting off the week kind of low key and lazy. Tuesday:  Crossfit class was